This is the basis of the impeachment – Arestovich commented on the persecution of Maidan militants



The political scientist believes that if Zelensky, in matters of Maidan, shares the position of Yanukovych, then he does not belong to the presidency of the president of Ukraine.

Alexey Arestovich
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Alexei Arestovich shared this opinion on the airwaves of the television channel “Direct“Writes” MFN “.

The expert believes that Zelensky should also assume political responsibility for the prosecution of the participants in the Dignity Revolution, as well as of Yanukovych’s associates:

“There is a question: what policy does Zelensky promote or authorize? I hope the president will be asked what Maidan is for him. I really want to know the answer to this question. This will be Zelensky’s main response for the year of his cadence. After all, based on his response and his behavior when responding, we can understand: he shares Yanukovych’s position or is he an independent politician. “

Indeed, now the president’s actions, noted Arestovich, are more like the persecution of Maidan participants. And this despite the fact that Ukraine still has an amnesty law for participants in the Revolution of Dignity:

“He is not opposed to the fact that the people of Yanukovich occupied high positions … Like, for example, the lawyer of Yanukovich Babikov, who now works in the State Duma. a direct conflict of interest.

We don’t know what for Zelensky Maidan. And recent events show that he shares the opinion of Yanukovych. And this can be seen as a threat to national security, and it is the basis for removal. “

Recall that previously Arestovich turned to Zelensky regarding a criminal case against Chornovol.

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