This level of freedom will no longer be – Lavrov told people bad news



The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Sergei Lavrov, announced a sharp reduction in the freedom of the population in general. He predicts a long-term rehabilitation of the world after the coronavirus.

It is reported by the “MFN”, with reference to the interview “RBC“.

Lavrov suggests that a return to a previous life is no longer possible. A free communication system is a thing of the past.

“Global communications will be restored for a long time. This freedom as before will no longer be. Yes, that is a sad conclusion, but it is better to prepare for it, “said Lavrov.

He pointed out that now the tourism industry will seriously change. The Russian Foreign Ministry has drawn relevant conclusions and is preparing for a new working format.

In addition, Lavrov spoke of sanctions against China for the fact that this country has become a source of coronavirus. He believes these sanctions are unjust and China has suffered no less than other countries. He said the US accusations on this are incorrect.

Recall, as previously stated, it will be a salvation – Lukashenko has called an important trend in the world market.

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