This nuance of the Russian Federation was not taken into account in 2014: new photos of a serious problem appeared in Crimea in the appendix



Every day the situation with a shortage of fresh water on the annexed peninsula of Crimea becomes more acute. This is no longer hidden by Russian news agencies.

annexed Crimea
annexed Crimea. Photo –

It is reported by “Dialogue”referring to the Russian agency “RIA News “, reports MFN.

According to hydrometeorologists from the annexed Crimea, fresh water supplies are dwindling rapidly on the peninsula. In addition, experts report that this exacerbates the problem of drought and lack of rain.

According to hydrometeorologists, precipitation has recently dropped 80% less than normal. Due to the lack of rain, the water reserves of the rivers and reservoirs of the peninsula are not replenished.

For this reason, Russian news agencies have started to sound the alarm. According to them, the peninsula now represents 2.3 times less fresh water reserves than in May-June 2019.

In addition, Russian media are actively accusing the Ukrainian authorities of refusing to resume the supply of water to the Crimea. Russian news agencies quote Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kulebu and Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmygal, who recall that Ukraine will resume water supply to Crimea after the occupation of the peninsula.

Russian agency RIA Novosti shared new photos of a substantially shallow Simferopol tank.

Shallow water tank of Simferopol. Stock Photo –

Earlier, we reported that Poklonskaya was sounding the alarm due to the situation in the annexed Crimea.



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