This only applies to Ukraine – Zelensky reacted strongly to the recall of the Ambassador of Georgia



The President stated that the personnel policy of Ukraine only concerns Ukraine itself and its citizens.

Vladimir Zelensky
Vladimir Zelensky. Stock Photo –

The president said this during his visit to the Lugansk region, writes “MFN”.

According to Vladimir Zelensky, Georgia’s decision to withdraw its decision after Saakashvili’s return to Ukrainian politics is a big mistake:

“We want to maintain good relations with Georgia and we are not going to recall our Ambassador from Georgia. After consultations, everyone will understand that the country’s personnel policy applies exclusively to this country and its citizens. I do not want to offend anyone, but that is our policy and Mr. Saakashvili is a Ukrainian citizen. And I am the President of Ukraine and I can appoint him. “

Recall that we wrote earlier that Georgia had recalled its ambassador from Ukraine.

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