This shouldn’t happen – Trump again criticized China for the coronavirus



The President said the coronavirus epidemic started in China and should have ended there too.

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This is reported by the “NPF” referring to “Espresso“.

The White House chief said COVID-19 appeared in China and was supposed to be defeated here. But instead, China has allowed the coronavirus to spread around the world:

“It shouldn’t have happened, the world shouldn’t have faced it. The virus came from China … It had to be defeated in China before reaching the whole world. “

Donald Trump added that already 186 countries are affected by COVID-19:

“Now the pandemic was raging in France and Russia”.

At the same time, Trump added that if the PRC is the first to develop a vaccine against the coronavirus, the United States will also use it, because it does not matter to who proposes a cure for a virus. dangerous.

Recall that we previously reported that Trump was ready to completely cut ties to China.



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