This threat should not be underestimated – Klimkin explained why the Russian Federation sends humanitarian aid to different countries



At a time when the whole world has invested all its forces in the fight against the coronavirus, the Russian Federation is using the pandemic for its own purposes. Now, Russia must above all be withdrawn from it by the sanctions of the West. According to former Ukrainian foreign minister Pal Klimkin, the idea has become “haunting” for the Russian Federation.

Pavel Klimkin
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This is reported by the NPF, referring to Facebook Pavel Klimkin’s page.

Former Ukrainian foreign minister Pavel Klimkin says the Russian Federation wants to take advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to lift sanctions. And it acts here in very different ways. According to Klimkin, humanitarian aid from Italy and the United States has also been used. Klimkin is convinced that Western countries and the UN fully understand the motives for the Kremlin’s actions.

“This threat should not be underestimated,” said the diplomat.

According to Klimkin, it is no coincidence that the Russian Federation now wants Ukraine to accept the creation of an advisory council. After all, the Kremlin will thus withdraw and show the world that there is a “civil conflict” in Ukraine.

Klimkin is convinced that if Kiev agrees to create an advisory council with representatives of Ordlo, then “we ourselves will build an argument for Russia to lift the sanctions”.

The idea of ​​sanctioning, not shy for nothing in return, has become an obsession for Russia. Vaughn, wait until the bull is like this, ale victoriously …

Gepostet von Pavlo Klimkin am Freitag, April 3, 2020

Earlier, we reported that the American Embassy in Ukraine had turned to the Russian Federation due to the actions of illegal armed groups in the Donbass.

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