Those receiving social assistance for children should be sterilized: the deputy of the “Servant of the People” made an outrageous statement



Galina Tretyakova, the elected and chairperson of the parliamentary committee on social policy and protection of the rights of veterans, spoke quite loudly about Ukrainian low-income families. According to her, the poor give birth to “poor quality” children.

Galina Tretyakova
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On this subject, it is written “MFN” referring to “Straight ahead

According to “servant” Tretyakova, low-income families specifically give birth to children to receive state aid. In addition, according to the people’s deputy, the children of these families are of “very poor quality” and in the future they “will also sit on the neck of the state”.

In addition, Tretyakova, referring to the expressions of some British politicians, added that people who receive material aid from the state “must be sterilized”:

“At one point, Singaporean President Lee Kuan Yew sterilized women without a university degree. I support this position. It should be the system, that’s my philosophy. “

Antisocial svitoglyad G. Tretyakovo

Ukraine is a social country? You can take into account the anti-social policy of sovereign politics, as long as the Social Policy Committee of the Supreme Rada SSC on both “children have a low level of wisdom” and on “sterile use”. ., and on the bottom shutter axis of hearing, brainstorming and thinking: why are there thousands of people who are happy to be able to pay? …. can you practice them? What are you afraid of? I have nothing, each won. Hurry up and down, protest, then pretend, then finish with reels …. more beautiful than Overton Before the speech, the people’s deputy further extended the decision to the committee so that it recommends throwing a look at this session of anti-professional bill 2681. First, those who did not review bill 2681 got 25 votes.

Gepostet von “Zaraba Maybutynogo” strike am Freitag, 29. May 2020

Recall that we wrote earlier that Tretyakov had been “caught” in sexual correspondence during a meeting with BP.


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