Three days of traffic violations with automatic correction: “Schumacher” has really become less



Three days of traffic violations with automatic correction:

Three days of traffic violations with automatic correction: “Schumacher” has really become less


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Someone uses “tricks” – some nanofilms are stuck to the numbers … But the statistics are tough things – many drivers are no longer at risk of driving

The first 2,400 administrative orders (the so-called “happiness letters”) concerning the violation of speed – the result of an automatic recording system of traffic offenses – passed from the national police to Ukrposhta. They will soon receive the offenders themselves. During the first 8 minutes of operation, 45 cameras, included at midnight June 1 in Kiev and the region, recorded 262 high-speed violations. According to Home Affairs Minister Arsen Avakov, during the first days of the system’s operation in the capital, 35,762 traffic violations were recorded. So far, only cases of speeding have been dealt with, as this is the greatest risk to the life and health of all – drivers, passengers, pedestrians. The long awaited self-fixation of speed is an important measure in the fight against road mortality (Ukraine is unfortunately one of the European leaders here). But despite this, some drivers stubbornly believe that their civil liberties are being infringed. Not otherwise. Even a call for terrible national statistics and strict European practice does not help. Well, if some Ukrainians are used to “free will” on the roads and impunity for violations, then you need to break the habit – a little more and self-fixation will work fully.

Who are the “Schumacher”? Exit!

Probably, nothing has recently undermined social networks in the Ukrainian segment than the introduction of automatic registration of traffic violations in the country. On June 1, dozens of special cameras were launched on the roads of Ukraine (20 of them in Kiev and 25 in the Kiev region, by the end of 2020, they plan to install 220 more these cameras all over Ukraine). In the event of a violation, the cameras record and transmit the data to a special analytical center for road safety. From there, offenders will now receive violation notification letters, with an electronic signature from the police inspector and a QR code, where you can watch the video file with the location and time of the violation and pay a fine. Payment within 10 days gives a 50% discount (now 255 UAH), after this period you will have to pay the full amount. And with non-payers, fines will be collected through the executive department.

In the first stages, only the speed will be recorded. Later, there were other offenses: driving at a prohibited traffic light, crossing a double dividing line, traffic on public roads.

The Interior Ministry explained that drivers can register with the electronic office on the website of the main service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and enter information about the actual responsible user of the car (except owner) so that letters about traffic violations can be sent to them. If someone hopes that he can avoid punishment by hiding fines, for example, at the actual place of residence other than “registration”, or with the foreign registration of the car, then that will not pass long unnoticed. The first trip abroad or a check on the road will reveal the debtor according to the corresponding “stop list”.

Three days of traffic violations with automatic correction:

Today, the country already knows its first “heroes” – the racing drivers. Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko posted on Facebook the number of “Schumacher” cars traveling on Ukrainian roads at speeds above 170 km and more per hour (such speed is at least one indirect proof of the progress of road construction in recent years. – Auth.). “I’m posting a list of potential road killers. These drivers who, on June 2, allowed themselves to drive at more than 170 kilometers per hour. Respecting the personal data of the vehicle owners, we left only two of the four letters and the numbers on their license plates, ”wrote the deputy minister.

He called on all citizens to call the figures and, in the event of a coincidence, to shame his relatives, acquaintances and neighbors for a dangerous ride at the speed of “sixth space”. Here are the “race leaders” in Kiev on June 2: Mercedes, who was moving through the city at a speed of 208 km / h and BMW, drove three cameras in a row at a speed of 200 km / h (the Interior Ministry says that this “car driver” will receive a triple fine (Auth.).

And yet, they drive more slowly!

According to data released by Oleksiy Beloshitsky, the first deputy head of the Patrol Police Department of Ukraine, the number of cases of speeding recorded in automatic mode on the second day of operation of the cameras has decreased significantly . “Since the start of the day on June 1, at 9 am, the number of speed violations recorded in automatic mode has risen to 17,477 cases.

Three days of traffic violations with automatic correction:

Today we have a slightly different picture – since the start of the day on June 2, at 9 am, the number of these cases was 10,469. “Here you have the undisputed fact of the discipline drivers in statistics and the preventive effect “, Alexey Beloshitsky did not hold back his joy.

According to the own observations of the driver of the author of these lines, a road user, in Kiev and in the region at the beginning of the automatic fastening system, the situation on the roads has changed slightly. It was very uncomfortable for someone who rushed along the roads in the principle of “20 km + allows”, in slower traffic conditions. Whenever slower drivers were struck, these “heads” were constantly nervous, “trembled” and maneuvered abruptly.

About life at different speeds

The government hopes that the automatic recording of traffic offenses will help reduce the number of deaths and injuries resulting from traffic accidents. According to the national police, an average of 8 people die every day in Ukraine as a result of road accidents and around 100 people are injured. In 2019, 3,454 people died in road accidents on Ukrainian roads, more than 175,000 during the years of independence.

In social networks, where there are a lot of pilots among account owners, heated discussions are burning now. On the spectrum: from full support to restrictions – to accusations of attacking human rights and the development of petitions to the president to establish more reasonable speed limits, according to the authors.

Proponents of greater freedom of movement believe that an artificial reduction in speed due to the introduction of control will not lead to a reduction in mortality, and the accident rate is likely to increase as a result of driving uneven, distracting drivers from the traffic situation for speed self-monitoring and increased traffic density. They cite data from American researchers that speed limits help improve road safety when installed at a level where 85% of drivers consider them natural, that is, when they maintain approximately the same speed and without restrictions.

For their part, proponents of speed limits draw on other studies. “Nilsson’s study, which is widely used by road engineers in the Scandinavian countries, states: a decrease in average speed by 1 km / h leads to a reduction in the number of accidents from 2 to 4% (2% for roads at a speed of 120 km / h and 4% for roads). at a speed of 50 km / h) Similarly, studies in the United Kingdom indicate that a reduction in speed of 1 km / h leads to a decrease in the number of accidents from 1 to 4% for urban roads and from 2.5 to 5.5% for suburbs These studies and others served as the basis for the European Conference of Ministers of Transport To describe the relationship: “A decrease in speed by 5% reduces the number of deaths by 20%,” says Irina Bondarenko, transport specialist at Ecodia Public Association.

Three days of traffic violations with automatic correction:

She draws attention to the unfortunate fact that the number of road fatalities in Ukraine is one of the highest in Europe: “Eurostat data for 2015 shows that Ukraine is in the top 10 of the number road deaths per million people “.

According to the expert, automatic fixation is one of the most effective methods to reduce speed and control other violations. “A 2008 study in Greece showed that controlling overspeed reduced the number of accidents by 32% and the number of deaths by 24%. A 2017 study in England confirmed that the installation of speed cameras has reduced the number of accidents in these areas by 15%, ”reports Irina Bondarenko.

According to her, the speed limit in populated areas of 50 km / h, which Ukrainian drivers have so respected, was set not only like this, but according to the results of research and balancing the cost of the effect. Since at this speed, the probability of survival of accident participants exceeds 50%.

“Exceeding the established limit is possible for overtaking and maneuvers to avoid a collision. In Ukraine, a false impression has taken root that +20 km / h is the inalienable right of any driver in any situation. You have to get rid of it. In European Union countries, the speed limit is exceeded by 3 to 10 km / h, and in the United States, depending on the state, by 5 miles or up to 10% of the speed limit. Only Russia and Ukraine can exceed 20 km / h, and Georgia – 15 km / h, ”concludes the transport expert.

The “tricks” with numbers will not work!

However, some cunning drivers immediately began to look for ways to avoid sanctions for possible violations. Numerous suggestions have appeared on the network to technically deceive the cameras of the auto-fixation system so that they cannot clearly identify the car number of the intruder.

Three days of traffic violations with automatic correction:

But for employees of the national police, such tricks are no secret. “I strongly recommend not to be silly,” says Yevgeny Zborovsky, the battalion commander of the Kiev Police Department, on his page on the FB.

He recalls that according to the Code of Administrative Offenses, liability and a fine are provided for handling license plates. And paragraph 2.9 of the SDA explicitly prohibits the driver from driving a vehicle with a license plate, closed with other objects or contaminated, which does not allow the symbols of the license plate to be clearly identified.

“Any sticker, plastic, nets, sprays, films – a guaranteed fine and evacuation of the vehicle for repeated violation or community service for a period of thirty to forty hours, with or without removal from the vehicle.

Therefore, these tips are a 100% guarantee of fines, as they are clearly visible, especially at night. And these cars will stop and be held responsible, ”says Yevgeny Zborovsky. Joking halfway, he remembers: “There is only one sensational way guaranteed to avoid fines – travel at an authorized safe speed”

Unfortunately, not only those directly responsible for the road accident die on the roads. And very often those who accidentally ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. And the fact that people fall victim to the mistakes and stupidity of others, the desire of another to break the rules is the most terrible factor in a brutal road war.

Three days of traffic violations with automatic correction:

Sergey Fursa

“Why is this happening? – wonders the famous columnist, investment banker Sergey Fursa. And he replies:” Standard non-compliance with the rules for Ukraine. Lack of rule of law. When there is No punishment for violations. And people do what they want. At the same time, these same people, arriving in Europe, obey all the rules, like rabbits. Because there is a punishment for violations And we don’t. As a result, the temptation is too great. As a result, everyone suffers. Because the rules were not invented by someone’s whim. And the rules, the rule of law, are necessary for the system to function effectively. And that is for sure. “Sergey Fursa is deeply convinced that the start of the system for the automatic recording of violations is a huge step forward for Ukrainian society which, by promoting respect for law of its citizens, is far behind the same Europeans. “And the financial incentive is the best help. This is human nature, ”explains the investment banker.

There is no argument.

Oksana Polishchuk, Kiev

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