Three months later: OPU finally told what Zelensky was doing in Oman



It turned out that the trip of the President of Ukraine to Oman was not official, but was his personal initiative.

Zelensky in Oman
Zelensky in Oman. Photo –

It is reported by the “NPF” referring to “Ukrainian truth“.

The publication sent an official request to the OPU regarding Zelensky’s scandalous trip to Oman and received an unexpected response.

Judging by the answer, a trip to Oman is not an official visit, but a personal wish of the President. But since the Ukrainian and Omani authorities have not had official meetings for many years, the president, on vacation, decided to rectify this situation:

“The trip of the President of Ukraine was not of an official nature and was made for private purposes and at personal expense.

Since there have been no official visits between the countries since the establishment of diplomatic relations, the Head of State took advantage of his visit to meet the Sultanate.

As the visit was not official, the administration did not participate in its preparation and did not provide the organizational and protocol support for the visit.

The flight and accommodation in Oman were paid for by the President’s wife on her own. “

Recall that we wrote earlier that Zelensky in Oman had met with Putin’s confidant.

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