Through the forest: one of the leaders of the “Russian spring” in the Donbass planned to go to Belarus for the victory parade



One of the leaders of the “Russian Spring” in Donbas, the propagandist Konstantin Dolgov said that he would come to Minsk for the victory day parade. According to him, he made such a decision, the Republic of Belarus being the only country not to have celebrated the victory parade, despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Konstantin Dolgov
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This is reported by the NPF, referring to Facebook Dolgov’s page.

On May 9, one of the leaders of the “Russian Spring” in the Donbas, Konstantin Dolgov, announced his desire to visit Minsk. According to the terrorist, he planned to go to the victory parade in occupied Donetsk, but as the illegal “republics” after the displacement of the victory of the Russian Federation due to the coronavirus pandemic, Dolgov decided to go in Minsk. According to the terrorist, he will not go alone, but with his wife.

“The only victory parade this year will take place in Minsk, who would have thought. My wife and I are planning to go, “wrote Dolgov.

Social media users were quick to remind Dolgova of a problem. As you know, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Russian Federation has partially closed its borders with the Republic of Belarus, so Dolgov may not be able to attend the Minsk parade. To which the terrorist replied that he would “cross the forest”.

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Gepostet von Konstantin Dolgov am Montag, May 4, 2020

We previously reported that Sivokho had stated that he continued to maintain contact with representatives of the occupied territories.

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