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Two versions of the application earned $ 78 million per month

The popular video service set a record for in-app purchases. Photo:

According to Sensor and Tower, the Chinese version of the short video sharing service Tickcock and Doyin took the first place for in-app purchases in April, excluding games and advertisements.

Revenue was derived from the purchase by users of virtual currency, which can be spent on supporting preferred content creators. In just one month, sales in applications increased 10-fold, reaching $ 78 million, expanding services such as YouTube, Netflix and Tinder, which rely more on revenue from subscriptions.

The Chinese market has the highest revenue for Doyen owners – 86.6%. Under the TikTok brand (for the international market), users in the USA brought the largest revenue for creators – 8.2%.

It is noted that the coronovirus epidemic has increased the level of popularity of each application. Therefore, according to Sensor Tower, in the first quarter of 2020, the number of downloads of TickTock and Doyin reached 315 million. In early 2019, they numbered 187 million.

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Earlier, we wrote that cyber security experts at Check Point, an Israeli company, found several vulnerabilities in the Tickcock application. It is noted that using the bug, hackers can send messages to users of the application with malicious links. If you follow the link, the attackers will gain control of the user account. Tiktok representatives told The New York Times that they were made aware of these weaknesses on November 20 last year. According to him, all weaknesses were eliminated before 15 December.

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