Time to mobilize – Goncharenko accused Zelensky of the war against the Ukrainians



The people’s deputy noted that Vladimir Zelensky, instead of ending the war in Donbas, decided to open a second front against his people.

Alexey Goncharenko
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This opinion was shared by Alexey Goncharenko on his page in Facebook, reports “MFN”.

According to the people’s deputy, Zelensky’s pre-election communications on the end of the “era of poverty” have gradually become slogans “the main thing is to survive” … And it becomes very dangerous to live with such a government :

“Russia continues to kill our soldiers. Authorities are persecuting volunteers and the opposition. A hole in the budget will soon engulf us all. The opportunity to earn money has been removed. You can only go to work with the permission of “Mr.” Shmygal. “

Goncharenko also recalled how recently Zelensky bragged about the Mriya plane, which brought protective gear to Ukraine. But in the end, not all of these funds were received by Ukrainian doctors:

“The doctors have no mask, no protective gown, no glasses!” We have a fifth on COVID-19 – he’s a doctor! They promised doctors a supplement of 300% of the salary, and in the end, the doctors received a salary less than three times, not a bonus of 300%. We still don’t know why our doctors will suffer more! “

Well, in our country, even under quarantine conditions, only “servants” live, summarizes Goncharenko. After all, the “era of poverty” has ended exclusively for them:

“All they can do is cheat and take advantage of the trouble. Sell ​​masks in case of shortage. Visit the restaurants of their residents when others are not allowed to work. Sell ​​government debt and avoid fair punishment. Sell ​​our country to Russia and go unpunished.

They have declared us a real hybrid war. It’s time to mobilize and be alert! “

We will remind, earlier we wrote that Goncharenko had warned Zelensky because of a search in Chornovol.

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