Tina Kandelaki defended women who did not give birth to 25, called “old”



Tina Kandelaki

The other day, another strong statement by the president of the Union of Russian Women, Ekaterina Lakhova, about women who did not have time to give birth before the age of 25, caused a great public outcry. Speaking at Moscow Says radio station, a former member of the Federation Council of the Briansk region began to discuss the ideal age of a woman for marriage and childbirth.

I believe that if the family worked well in school, the family worked well, then our daughters should understand that at the age of thirty, we consider them old. The most normal time to give birth is around 22-25,

– said Lakhova, 72, causing a wave of indignation from listeners and internet users who disagreed with his opinion.

Ekaterina Lakhova

Tina Kandelaki, 44, could not remain indifferent to this subject. On Instagram, the journalist and general producer of Match TV described Ekaterina Lakhova’s views on life as “hopelessly outdated” and also remembered her maternity experience (Tina talks about her daughter Melania, 20, and his son Leonty, 18, from his first marriage to Andrei Kondrakhin).

Recently, I came across a quote from the president of the Union of Russian Women, Ekaterina Lakhova, that a woman who gave birth after 25 years can be called “old-born.” It’s archaic. Such conservative values ​​still exist around the world, they cannot be overruled by management, and they suggest that a woman’s place is exclusively in the kitchen, in the home, and in the service of her husband. These values ​​gradually disappear in the background. Health care is emerging, allowing a woman to sit at home during maternity leave and recover quickly from childbirth. Technologies are emerging that allow a woman to work remotely, there is already surrogacy and a multitude of other options for the development of the situation. Different people: present, past and future – we all live together, and everyone has the right to their own position. Lakhova’s statement is the voice of people with views of a bygone era (below, the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved. – N.D.E.),

– expressed his opinion Kandelaki.

Tina Kandelaki

Tina remembered how she herself became a mother at 24 years old. The reporter admitted that she regrets nothing and is grateful for the experience, but at the same time noted that after the birth of the children, her life changed drastically and she started to deny herself in many ways, while his friends enjoyed freedom and carefree days:

I gave birth at 24 and I absolutely meet the criteria of Madame Lakhova. In his words, I gave birth on time. This has its advantages: you can easily catch up with a career; but there are also disadvantages: unlike most of my friends, I did not attend parties, for some time I had not been looking for my place in this world and did not know what life was for me. I am not a recipient of comments on the “old”, but I do not regret the evolution of my life either. I like my choice and I am happy to have grown children.

Tina Kandelaki with daughter Melania

Tina Kandelaki noted another disadvantage of early motherhood. According to the star, many girls who give birth at the age of 20 to 22, therefore, do not start looking for themselves until the age of 30, because of which their children often receive little attention and are abandoned. . Tina is convinced that by accepting motherhood, the girl must be fully aware that the interest of the child will now always be in the forefront for her and that she will never again be wholly and entirely the property of herself. .

Tina Kandelaki with son Leonty Maybe some people have such opportunities to give birth in 20-22, but you have to understand that a child is an obligation, and many must first grow, earn money. money and then approach the decision about children with intelligence and responsibility,

– consider Kandelaki.

By the way, this is not the first scandalous statement by Ekaterina Lakhova. Not too long ago, she called gay gays and also portrayed an ideal man who should provide family income and be able to “give back”.

Ekaterina Lakhova

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