Tkachenko congratulated Ukrainians on Trinity Day



Tkachenko congratulated Ukrainians on Trinity Day

Tkachenko congratulated Ukrainians on Trinity Day

07/06.2020 12:42


The Minister of Culture and Information Policy, Alexander Tkachenko, congratulated all Christians on the day of the Holy Trinity.

He wrote about it on Facebook.

“I congratulate all Christians on the day of the Holy Trinity – a feast of the church, which is a national holiday in our country. This day is particularly important for believers. We remember the descent of the Holy Spirit on the apostles, as a result of which they began to speak in different languages. This enabled people of different cultures to understand the meaning of their preaching and to unite in a community – the Church, the unity of which Christ compared to l ‘unity of the Holy Trinity’, wrote Tkachenko.

He noted that most Ukrainians are Christians. According to him, this means that Ukrainians are called to unity, despite the fact that they belong to different ecclesiastical traditions, to different nationalities and speak different languages.

“I believe that today we can learn to speak a language of dialogue that people with a different point of view can understand, and also understand others. And it’s not so much Ukrainian, English, Russian, Romanian or Crimean Tatar. It is the language of traditional and modern culture, the language of media and social networks, the language of different generations and different social strata, “wrote Tkachenko.

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He noted that the Feast of the Trinity gives us all faith that our prayers for peace will be answered. “Let the boys and girls who fight the enemy in the East, defend the borders and fight for the freedom of Ukraine, go home. And this faith is indestructible,” added Tkachenko.

Eastern rite Christians celebrate the day of the Holy Trinity, or Pentecost, on June 7.

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