Tkachenko: father’s mission is to educate a person



Tkachenko: father's mission is to educate a person

Tkachenko: father’s mission is to educate a person

06/21.2020 18:39


The father’s mission is to educate his child so that he understands what kind of personality he is.

On this subject, on the occasion of Father’s Day, the Ukrainian Minister of Culture and Information Policy, Alexander Tkachenko, wrote on Facebook.

“It seems to me that the father’s mission is to educate his child so that he understands his personality. Not to impose something, but just to be a support and a best friend. Always stay close and support. Become for your child what he is proud of. Therefore, Dad, Happy Father’s Day! “- wrote Tkachenko.

According to him, being a father is difficult, but it’s worth it. “Over time, I realized it was important to be a cool dad, but being a dad is very cool,” said Tkachenko.

He wrote that he had a difficult relationship with his father.

Tkachenko said that his father, “talented, but subject to reckless acts, he could cause both admiration and indignation. But there are three things for which I will always be grateful, because they stayed with me for life, and I will pass them on to my son. “

According to him, it is a Cossack spirit; that you must know the Ukrainian language and English and that you must protect your wife.

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“For me, being a father is a happiness, multiplied by the responsibility you value most in life. I don’t know, it may be art, but I want to overcome all the challenges of the words “dad” so that your child’s eyes will shine with happiness. Every day, I learn the lightness of a childish vision of life and I am simply grateful to be a father. Even though I have spent a lot of time at work, not at children, “said the Minister.

Today in Ukraine is celebrated Father’s Day. The holiday was established by presidential decree of May 18, 2019 in order to create conditions favorable to the strengthening of the institution of the family as the basis of society and the recognition at state level of the role of the father in the education of children.

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