Tkachenko said what changes should be expected in the work of the public



Tkachenko said what changes should be expected in the work of the public

Tkachenko said what changes should be expected in the work of the public

06.06.2020 15:36


Culture and Information Policy Minister Alexander Tkachenko said public broadcaster now faces many challenges related not only to meeting news requirements, but also to the classification of this channel .

He said this on June 4 during a briefing in parliament, responding to a question from journalists, how he plans to work with the public and what changes should be expected, reports a correspondent for Ukrinform.

“First, this year we did everything to make the funding decent. We recently met with the supervisory board, discussed the prospects. I think the public is also facing many challenges, and they are not only linked to respect the requirements balance in the news, relatively neutral attitude in the news and the qualified news, but also with the popularity of this chain, because to have a rating which now has an Audience, which finances the State, at the level where it is … I wouldn’t want to speak indecently, but annoying for those who have high hopes for the public, like me, “said Tkachenko.

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Asked by journalists about the attitude of the minister to the question of the closure of branches of the public throughout Ukraine, he replied: “I am Zurab … was one of those who recommended him this post At the time, therefore, we had a good working contact with him. We had a presentation regarding the branches, there is a point related to how it is possible to optimize the work of the branches so to be more efficient. When 200 branches were established in some branches and produced a small amount of software product, it is not entirely clear to me, as a media man, “.

As previously reported, the chairman of the board of directors of the National Television and Public Radio Company of Ukraine Zurab Alasania stated that the board of directors is in dialogue with the sections of NOTU regarding the implementation of the concept of regional broadcasting, which provides for a reduction in the production of its own regional content and a reduction in staff.

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