TKG is at an impasse: Nikonorova announced the manipulations of Kiev



The management of the “DPR” has decided to publish the protocol for the meeting of the tripartite contact group. A statement was made by Natalia Nikonorova, who is the so-called “Minister of Foreign Affairs of the DPR”.

Natalya Nikonorova
Natalya Nikonorova. Photo –

This was reported by a number of separatist media, reports “MFN”.

Nikonorova said that the Kiev authorities intentionally manipulated information in order to create a profitable image. She stressed that she considered it important to publish the TKG protocol so that people themselves could become familiar with it and draw their own conclusions.

“We see an obvious difference between the way the Ukrainian media demonstrate the situation with the TKG and the way the Ukrainian authorities really behave. Kiev is trying to demonstrate its attachment to the Minsk agreements, but in practice this does not happen, they only create a favorable image for themselves. On this basis, we have decided to publish minutes of the TAG meeting, which was held as a video conference on June 10 and 15. Draw your own conclusions, “said Nikonorova.

Remember, as noted earlier, that you are making fun of us – Goncharenko has emotionally criticized the authorities’ “economic nationalism”.



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