To be tested on COVID-19 at Ukrainian airports


Special laboratories for PCR tests were set up at international airports.

COVID-19 will be tested at Ukrainian airports. Photo:

“Borisol” and “live” at international airports began establishing laboratories for PCR tests for the presence of COVID-19 coronaviruses. About it on their official facebook page Reported Minister of Infrastructure Vladislav Krikli.

In the publication’s comments, the politician stated that passengers would have several options to arrive at the airport:

  1. Base. Establishing the application “dia” with the passage of 14-day self-isolation.
  2. Alternative. PCR test at the airport: In case of a negative result, you do not need to install the application and undergo self-isolation.
  3. Joint. Establishing the application “dia” with the passage of self-segregation before receiving the test for coronavirus. In the case of a negative result, self-isolation would be nullified.

If it is necessary to isolate yourself, but if it is impossible to install the Dia application, visitors will be sent for two weeks of observation, the politician said.

Crickley also said that PCR testing at airports would work within a week.

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Earlier, we wrote that from 1 July, testing centers have been started at all major airports in Turkey to determine the presence of coronovirus infection, and such centers will open in other air ports by 15 July.

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