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Today is Constitution Day

Today is Constitution Day

06/28.2020 08:07


Today is the day of the constitution of Ukraine.

On June 28, 1996, at 9 hours 18 minutes, after almost a day of continuous work, the Verkhovna Rada adopted and promulgated the Constitution of Ukraine.

This fateful event was preceded by 6 years of hard work, consultations, crises and agreements. The last constitutional process started immediately after the Verkhovna Rada’s adoption of the Ukrainian SSR on July 16, 1990 of the “Declaration on the Sovereignty of the State of Ukraine – in October of the same year, the Constitutional Commission has been formed. After the collapse of the USSR and the independence of Ukraine in 1991, it became clear that the development of the legal system in an independent state should be done on its own – there is no one to look into. back. This historic event changed many provisions of the parliamentary concept of the new Constitution. Between 1991 and 1996, several drafts of the Constitution were drawn up by commissions created separately by the Verkhovna Rada and the president. They have been discussed, completed and finalized for a long time. A lively controversy caused the distribution of power and goods, the symbols of the state, the status of the Russian language and the status of the Republic of Crimea. Leftist forces insisted on reducing the role of the presidential power, of private property relations, to grant equal status to the Ukrainian and Russian languages ​​and maintain the autonomous status of Crimea. Right-handers, who brought together representatives of the “ruling party”, the business community and deputies with a national cultural and linguistic orientation, argued for a strong presidential vertical, guaranteeing the fullness of private property rights, the domination of Ukrainian language and the liquidation of the autonomy of the Crimea. Meanwhile, the USSR Constitution of 1978 was in force in the country with some modifications.

On the night of June 27-28, 1996, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted and promulgated the Constitution of Ukraine. The document received the support of two thirds of the deputies (315 people’s deputies). He determined a strong presidential power, guaranteed private property rights, claimed the new state symbols, the status of the Ukrainian language as the only state language, Crimea was recognized as an autonomous republic in Ukraine. The adoption of the Constitution of independent Ukraine was an exceptional victory for the center-right pro-presidential forces and the national camp that supported them. In general, behind a thin brochure, which is the Constitution of Ukraine – centuries of popular legislation. Here you can recall the “Russian truth” of the Kievan Rus era, and the Cossack and Hetman constitutions, including the Constitution of Pylyp Orlyk – one of the first in Europe, and the Constitution of the Ukrainian State in 1918.

Since the adoption, the current basic law of Ukraine has been amended several times. It should be noted that the Ukrainian Constitution of 1996 provides a fairly strict procedure for making changes and additions to it. To approve the relevant changes, 2/3 to 3/4 of the votes in the constitutional composition of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine are required. If the amendments cancel or restrict the rights and freedoms of man and of the citizen or aim at the liquidation of independence or threaten the territorial integrity of the State, the Ukrainian Constitution, in accordance with article 157, cannot not be changed at all.

Photo: Stanislav Yurchenko RFE / RL

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