Today is the sixth anniversary of the tragic events in Odessa



Today is the sixth anniversary of the tragic events in Odessa

Today is the sixth anniversary of the tragic events in Odessa

02/05.2020 09:30


Today marks the sixth anniversary of the tragic events in Odessa, where up to fifty people were killed in the riots.

As you know, in May 2014, Crimea was under Russian occupation, military operations were underway in the east of the country, but in general the country lived a peaceful, albeit somewhat tense, life. Odessa was no exception – a soccer match was scheduled for the evening in the city. Despite attempts by the Kremlin to promote the “Russian Spring” and to proclaim the “People’s Republic of Odessa”, these attempts were unsuccessful and the situation in the city, according to the same OSCE, was fairly calm. However, the tragic events developed very quickly, and their result was the death of almost fifty people, which shocked not only the citizens of Ukraine, but the whole world.

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On the eve of the football match between the Odessa “Chernomorets” and the Kharkov “Metalist”, a joint march by fans of the two teams and pro-Ukrainian citizens of Odessa was planned in the central streets of the city. Meanwhile, participants from Odessa Antimaydan, whose tent camp was located on the grounds of Kulikovo (near the local station), saw this as a threat to their own safety and decided to assemble on the Alexandrovsky Avenue near the intersection with Zhukovsky Street. At 3 p.m., a column of football fans, local self-defense activists and Euromaidan gathered in the cathedral square and headed towards the Taras Shevchenko cultural and leisure park, towards the central stadium of Chernomorets. When they arrived on Alexandrovsky Avenue, they were attacked by anti-Maidan. Rather quickly, riots, in which several thousand people participated, spread to all the central streets of Odessa – Grecheskaya, Deribasovskaya, Grecheskaya Square. Soon the first shots were heard. The situation has gotten out of hand. At around 6 p.m., pro-Ukrainian forces began to push anti-Maidan troops to their deployment location – the Kulikov Field. The separatist camp was burned down and the anti-Maidanites themselves barricaded themselves in the Chamber of Trade Unions. The parties to the conflict bombarded themselves with Molotov cocktails and fired. Soon, a fire broke out in the building, killing several dozen.

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A total of 48 people were killed in the Odessa riots. More than 200 people consulted a doctor. Most of the victims of the tragedy died in the Chamber of Unions. Subsequently, the investigation established that the Odessa riots were organized and deliberately planned. By the decision of the Odessa city council that day, the memory of the dead is honored.

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