Top 10 Most Expensive Cities For Foreigners


Switzerland is again on the list

Top 10 most expensive cities for foreigners. Photo: Switzerland-

Switzerland again broke the record, taking the lead in the number of most expensive cities to live in. This was reported by Forbes magazine with reference to the results of an annual survey of international recruitment specialists from ECA International.

The Swiss capital Bern topped the list, which has sidelined Hong Kong this year. Earlier, Asian metropolises were repeatedly recognized as the world’s most expensive city for the lives of foreigners, but this year it fell in ratings due to protests and epidemic results. The Top 5 includes three more Swiss cities: Zurich, Geneva and Basel, as well as Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan.

Hong Kong ranks 6th, Tokyo (Japan) in 7th, Tel Aviv (Israel), Jerusalem (Israel) – 9th, and Yokohama (Japan) – 10th in 8th.

As the publication notes ForbesThe dominance in the ranking of Swiss cities is not surprising. For comparison, the magazine costs the average cappuccino in a cafe. So, in Zurich, the cost of drinking coffee is $ 5.98, in Hong Kong – $ 5.01, in New York – $ 4.56, in London – $ 3.66. In 2016, the Swissinfo website Called Zurich coffee is the most expensive in the world.

The ECA International study is based on a comparison of the prices of everyday goods and services in different cities of the world. Reviews for products, household items as well as general expenses (clothing, electrical appliances, food, gym visits, alcohol and tobacco) include price changes from March 2019 to March 2020. At the same time, ratings do not take into account rents, utilities and school fees, as many foreign workers are compensated by these companies.

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Ceoworld Magazine has previously ranked the world’s most expensive countries to live in. Became leader of Switzerland. The top 5 countries also included Norway, Iceland, Japan and Denmark.

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