Top 10 of world’s oldest banks (photo gallery)


There are banks in the world that have been operating for more than five centuries, peacefully surviving many wars, rulers and economic crises.

Top 10 Oldest Banks

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The credibility and reputation of the bank are the main criteria that a potential customer pays attention to. The longer the bank remains in the market, the more reasons to trust it.

Version of pespace magazine The top ten suggests recalling banks that appeared several centuries ago and are functioning to date.

1. Monte dei Paschi di Siena – Italy, 1472 grams

The bank was established on 27 February 1472 by the General Council of the Republic of Siena to issue loans at low interest rates to the poor. Monte dei Paschi di Siena is the oldest bank in the world, still operating. It has more than 2000 branches and 4.5 million users. The bank’s headquarters, Palazzo Salimbeni, is a collection of works of art and unique historical documents of the bank. The collection is not available to the common man.

2. Bernburg Bank – Germany, 1590 grams

The oldest bank in Germany and the second oldest bank in the world. Physically, Bernburg Bank is located in Hamburg. The founders of the bank – brothers Bernberg, Hans and Paul, do business in clothes and are engaged in imports and exports. The period of formation and development of the bank was very successful with the succession of Hamburg. The city quickly became a center of commercial and financial activity, and entrepreneurs were successful in their businesses as well as other members of a small group of Dutch who also did not have full civil rights in Hamburg. The company developed rapidly and accumulated funds for it, at the end of which, a bank was opened, which is still alive.

3. Stadsbank van Lenning – Holland, 1614

The Credit Bank was founded in Amsterdam in 1614. The bank has six branches, two shops and an auction house. Studsbank Van Lenning accepts gold, silver, diamonds and bicycles, musical instruments and digital cameras as collateral. Items are mortgaged for 6 months, but if they are not redeemed back, such items are turned over to the auction house. Bidding is done once a month for jewelry and once in every 2 months for others. Unregistered goods are sent to the company’s stores.

4. Severig’s Riksbank – Sweden, 1668

The Bank of Sweden is not only considered one of the oldest banks, but is also the oldest central bank in the world. At its foundation, it was called the Bank of the State Classes (Recon’s Standards Bank). It received its modern name in 1866, when the property of the body rule was abolished.

Today, in addition to the functions of the regulator, the Bank of Sweden is also awarding the Nobel Prize in economics.

5. c. Hoare and Company – England, 1672

The oldest bank in the UK and the fifth oldest in the world. Established by Sir Richard Hoare in 1672, c. Hoare & Company is owned by the family and is currently managed by the eleventh generation of direct descendants of Hoare.

Richard Hoare was a successful jeweler. At the time, jewelers had secure facilities and necessary resources, which is why they started lending to their customers. C. from here Hoare & Company Bank started. The symbol of his business was a gold bottle of leather.

6. Metzler Bank – Germany, 1674

Metzler Bank is a privately held bank headquarters in Frankfurt. Metzler Bank is the second oldest bank in Germany, and from its inception in 1674 to the present, it is the exclusive property of the founding family.

In 1742, the son of founder Benjamin Metzler was elected to the board of directors of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Since then, the owners of the bank have been consistently represented on the governing body of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

7. Barclays – England, 1690 grams

Barclays is one of the largest financial institutions in the UK and the world, with wide representation in Europe, America and Asia. Conglomerate operations are carried out through a subsidiary of Barclays Bank PLC.

The modern bank was established in 1896, when several small London and provincial English banks began operating under the single brand of Barclays & Company. Barclays is the general sponsor of the English Football Premier League.

8. Cuts – England 1692 grams


Interestingly, one of the oldest banks in the world, Coutts, was not originally a bank. It was a small shop built on the London coastline, owned by jeweler and banker John Campbell.

But in 1712, the founder died, leaving the business for members of his family. And in 1755, Campbell’s granddaughter married a merchant and banker named James Cots, who used the store’s resources to build a credit institution. This was when Banks was known as Campbell and Coutts.

Coutts is now a privately owned bank fully owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland Group.

9. Bank of England – England, 1694

Another European central bank on the list. The bank was originally created as a treasure for the English government. Now it fully fulfills all functions of a regulator; Accordingly, one does not need to talk about its closure.

Here is the most disgusting robbery in the world. Therefore, in 2006, the manager of the bank’s depository was forced to open a storehouse, where ninety-two and a half million dollars were kept, as the robbers took their entire family hostage.

10. Bank of Scotland – Scotland, 1695

The bank was founded in 1695, and has its head office located in the city of Edinburgh. The existence of this bank proves that there is nothing more permanent than temporary. The Bank of Scotland was established by an Act of Parliament to support entrepreneurship in the country for a period of 21 years.

It is the first and last commercial institution that was built by the Scottish Parliament and is still functioning today. Previously, the bank could not lend to the government without the approval of Parliament, this led to the bank’s focus on business development in the future. Also, it was the Bank of Scotland that started printing its paper money for the first time in the country.

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