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Top 10 services of two Ukrainian banks

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The SME Banking Club Association has published the TOP-20 Internet Banking Services for Businesses in the Business Online Banking 2020 region.

At the end of 2019, Alfa-Bank Private 24 Business and My Business from Ukraine were among the top ten best online banking services for online entrepreneurs.

The PrivatBank service was also recognized by experts from SME Banking Club as the best internet banking for business in Ukraine.

SME Banking Club’s ratings include all banks, CIS and Caucasus in Ukraine, working with small and medium-sized businesses, regardless of size, market share and workforce. The Press Service of PressWankBank said that banks were named and evaluated based on an analysis of the functionality of online banking for businesses, with a focus on SMEs’ needs by experts from the SME Banking Club.

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Earlier, we wrote that state-owned PrivyBank has ranked 262 in the global ranking of TOP-1000 World Banks in the past year, which the British magazine The Banker has been publishing for 50 years.

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