Top 5 Gadgets to Strengthen Immunity


Some gadgets can help strengthen the body’s protective resources.

Walking in the sun and the forest: TOP-5 gadgets to strengthen immunity

Australian scientists at the University of Melbourne tested the immune system in coronovirus infection. The study’s findings surprised no one – healthy immunity contributes to a smoother course of the disease and reduces the likelihood of serious complications.

When it comes to the coordinated functioning of the immune system, one should not limit oneself to fighting coronovirus. After all, it is literally humanity’s main protective mechanism against any foreign penetration that is a health hazard. Starts with viruses and bacteria, and ends with a banana spatter.

There are many myths around the concepts of “enhancing” and “decreasing immunity” – the immune system is a complex structure whose function depends on a large number of factors. Most people who consider themselves “victims of low immunity” are deeply mistaken, especially not taking into account the environment or their own actions. In cases of medical and special treatment, actual immune diseases are quite rare and extremely serious.

While experts are questioning the effectiveness of taking questionable quality vitamins and medicines, gadgets that help control the main factors in the proper functioning of the immune system can actually help strengthen the body’s protective resources. These gadgets include controllers of sleep, stress, physiological parameters, purity and humidity.

Keep an eye on stress

Did you know that the pores on your fingers are particularly sensitive to changes in stress levels? This knowledge inspired researchers to create a small device called the Pip, which captures these changes and displays them as beautiful scenes.

Top 5 effective gadgets to strengthen immunity. Photo: Tejes-Eneziger

The size of the pip is no more than the watch dial, so the gadget is placed between the thumb and index finger. After installation, Pip will be able to analyze stress levels to change the warning measures to the user and will not allow them to exceed the health-free range.

Control sleep

Sleep Monitor, a remote sleep monitoring device, is perfect for this. Most of these gadgets are famous for their discomfort – they should be placed on the body and the sleeper.

But manufacturers of sleep monitors tried to minimize user interaction with the device – the monitor is equipped with motion tracking technology that captures anxiety and movement during sleep. The gadget also evaluates the environment – room temperature and light.

Humidity and ventilation

Dry air is the best friend of any infection. But excess moisture in the living room is also not very useful, so microclimate should be monitored and regulated based on indicators. For this, Levitan humidity sensors and fan controls, for example, have a ventilation and humidity control system.

Top 5 effective gadgets to strengthen immunity

The gadget can be connected to the ventilation system and humidifier, then soon after determining the improper indicator, the device will start the process of airing or humidification independently. The system is powered by sensors and a microprocessor.

Air purity

Among the vast selection of air structure analyzers, a gadget called Alima Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor stands out. The device scans the room for the presence of hazardous impurities in the air: benzene, acetone, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide and ethylene glycol. In addition, the gadget also monitors the temperature of the environment.

“Communication” with the user is done through a mobile application. Alima also knows how habits and tastes are studied, and uses data to assess sources of pollution of the environment and air.

Replacement for the sun

Gadgets that mimic sunlight are particularly popular in quarantine. The devices have a positive effect on mood and mood as well as the production of vitamin D.

Walking in the sun and forest: TOP-5 effective gadgets to strengthen immunity

The most convenient “simulator of the sun” – Philips EnergyUp. The device is a stylish lamp 32.5 cm high, emitting a soft, yellow light with a power of 24W. The light intensity is adjustable, and a special indicator will warn very harsh users from misuse. These types of gadgets may not be suitable for fair-skinned people and owners of many moles.

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