Top 5 most popular mobile financial services without commission


Kievstar customers pay directly from their mobile account


During the epidemic, when the National Bank strongly refrains from visiting banks and shops to use non-cash payment methods, Ukrainians actively use mobile and electronic wallets, online payment services and money transfers. The Kievstar mobile operator selected the TOP-5 categories of the most popular services based on the Smart-Groshi mobile wallet, with no commissions.

Transfer Balance to Kyivstar Balance

Money transfer from one mobile account to another is an alternative to bank cards, where a customer can transfer up to 1,000 UAH for the balance of another Kyivstar customer without the involvement of third-party payment operators. To do this, you can use the Smart-Groshi application, transfer to the website or use a USSD request.

Internet providers and pay for TV

With a mobile account, Kievstar customers can pay for television and the Internet. Among the providers whose services are free are Megogo, Triolan,, IPNet. The complete list of television and Internet providers can be seen on the site. For payment, you can use the payment form on the website or Smart Gros mobile application.

Repayment of loans

If the repayment amount does not exceed $ 3,000 to repay the loan, you can securely make a regular installment under the loan agreement with the Kievstar mobile account. Popular credit organizations and banks whose loans customers can pay without commissions are Scarbinitsya, Forward Bank, Blogo Pawn Shop, Cashberry, Europone and others. For payment, you can use the payment form on the website or Smart Gros mobile application.

Pay for online games

When the payment amount does not exceed $ 3,000, you can pay with a Kievstar mobile account. No commissions – nearly 300 online games, including the world’s popular tanks, Combat Arms, Battle of the Farmers and League of Legends. For payment, you can use the payment form on the website or use the Smart-Groshi mobile application.

Pay taxi services from your mobile account balance 838

The service is available in 15 cities in Ukraine where 838 taxis operate (Winnitsa, Dynpro, Drogobik, Zaporizhia, Kiev, Lutsk, Lviv, Mariupol, Odessa, Poltava, Stree, Sumi, Truskavets, Uzhagorod, Kharkov). The payment application can be made via “Smart Grosso” or Taxi 838, indicating the payment method “Smart Grosso” from Kievstar. The convenience of the service lies in the fact that the traveler is not required to leave his personal data and bank card number.

The list of services using mobile money includes payment of utility bills, internet and television, travel in public transport, transferring money from one mobile account to another bank and bank cards, insurance services, purchasing theater, music and cinema tickets. Is involved, and also pay a fine for traffic violations.

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