Top 5 myths about payments with a mobile account


Typically, credit organizations issue online loans on a user’s card without leaving home. We are in a hurry to make you happy – you can repay a loan easily and quickly, for example, from a mobile account. On the website you need to select the company that issued the loan, enter the contract number, name, amount (a payment should not exceed 3000 UAH) and the phone number from which the payment will be made. The loan repayment fee can range from 0 to 2.5%.

This service is not only available on smartphones. Payments are made from a mobile account by sending a small number of SMS of a certain format. So, you can send the text to the short number 802 – service code, for example 38779, contract number, amount – all with one location.

Service Pay the fine, You need to fill in some more information Form on site. Specifically, select the region of residence from the list, enter the series and protocol number, name, amount (from 150 UAH) and phone number. The commission for such payment will be 1% of the amount.


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