Top 5 new technological trends that remain after quarantine


Smart air purification, virtual travel and bot doctors promise to remain in epidemic reality for a long time

Epidemic Results: Top 5 New Technological Trends That Live After Quarantine

Any change is initially regarded as an inconvenience. At the time of the formation of the trend, ideas about how much the new trend will be are very blurred – it applies to any region and any direction. But habits change, and even in the most difficult times, new forms of behavior arise. At first it is unclear, but often over time they turn into a model for the rest.

When it comes to truly global disturbances, which we see as epidemics evolve, the new trends increase considerably. Epidemics is particularly beneficial to the technology industry, which has received a fundamentally new motivation.

In almost an instant, a large part of the civilized world suddenly shifted part of the lion’s life to online – remote work, remote study, remote entertainment. The Internet has made many savings and this will affect the further development of the virtual industry. Previously afraid of artificial intelligence, neural networks, virtual reality and other technologies, thanks to quarantine, they were in almost every household.

  1. Trend One: Smart Cleaning.

It is not uncommon that at the time of immediate spread of infection, a need arises for some sterilization of the environment. Contrary to the popularity of antiseptics, this trend is likely to last longer, which will decrease with epidemics.

Large companies are already considering solutions that allow for the most global filtering of indoor air, and nearly every other has installed at least one humidifier and a sanitizer in the home.

Most modern devices operate on tactile technologies and with the involvement of AI – room scanning helps to select the optimal level of air purification and humidification, control is done through application. Most offline retailers are also eyeing a new fashion – after an epidemic, they have to create conditions that allow visitors to feel safe.

Epidemic consequences: Top-5 of new technological trends that persist after quarantine. Photo: Extotherm

  1. Trend Two: Shop-Streaming.

The trend of combining online broadcasting and electronic commerce originated even before the epidemic, but it was due to quarantine that it received such decisive impetus for development. One of the first to implement such a practice was the Chinese online store Taobao, and some Instagrams started organizing entire shows using the streaming Instagram function.

Amazon is also developing a new generation of service with increased engagement and customer engagement. Online shopping is in danger of being transformed into an environment where people come not only for shopping and inspection of goods, but also for communication.

Against the backdrop of the spread of coronaviruses, the World Fashion House translated the collection’s productions online, with some even conducting streaming sessions along with production performances. It turns out that the See Now – Buy Now system works fine in quarantine, especially if a faster delivery option is introduced. Most likely, this trend will change online sales even after an epidemic.

  1. Trend Three: Medical Bot.

The epidemic not only made online consultation of doctors incredibly popular, but also encouraged the development of various clinical AI systems and chat bots. Neural networks are trained to recognize the first signs of disease, and many clinics have finally finalized data exchange tools in doctor-patient dialogue.

The trend direction does not mean the replacement of a face-to-face consultation with a doctor with an online conversation, but implies an increase in the availability of medical services. Specially trained bots will be able to help in time to get something wrong and to eliminate suspected doctors from unnecessary visits.

  1. Fourth trend: virtual travel.

Before the epidemic, virtual travel was considered to be an act of elevation more than an opportunity to see new things. But the regime of forced self-segregation changed everything: many saw it as a good tool to obtain impressions and collect useful information.

Epidemic Results: Top 5 New Technological Trends That Live After Quarantine

It is important that many tour guides have started virtual tours where you can roam anywhere in the world with the help of online panoramas and VR tools, forgetting for a moment that your favorite house chair is still behind you .

The virtual museum also got a second wind – millions of users perform using a home monitor, and it’s a new way to spend time. Devices for VR are becoming easier and more affordable – today it may be just a special phone case.

  1. Trend Five: Patron’s Screen

The online education industry has been feeling well since the creation of UoPeople, the world’s first online university. But again – there was no trend for online education, and effective training was considered full-time. The quarantine and mass transfer of schools to distance education have clearly demonstrated that online education is not worse.

Private tutors and coaches were particularly popular. Many companies, regardless of their type of activity, develop online tools for training employees, and the number of parents who often have to change schools for their children and switch to online education altogether. Decisions have to be made.

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