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Nowadays, robots can be found not only in science fiction books and movies, but also in ordinary banks.

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In addition to special programs, chatbots and applications, humanoid robots are gaining their place in the banking sector. They can work around the clock and perform many times more tasks than an individual. However, they will never ask for a day off, bonus or increase.

While some banks only dream of such super-employees, others are already ready to hire them. Banker’s day Editor of pespace magazine Introducing readers to the new generation of bank employees. All of them are already employed in foreign financial institutions.

Robot pepper

Pepper is possibly the most popular and famous humanoid robot in the banking environment. Its key feature is the ability to recognize human emotions and adapt their behavior to them. In this case, the robot moves smoothly and there are various intonations of voice. The robot developer is SoftBank, a large corporation that uses it in its 140 stores in Japan. Pepper also works in restaurants, hotels, clinics and shops around the world – he welcomes, informs and entertains customers. Some Japanese families also took him to his place.

Pepper Robot is an employee of many banks around the world. Photo: tribunatrevis.oglokolite

Among the banks, Pepper was first offered to work at Mizuho, ​​a large Japanese banking group, back in 2015 – it was the first time a robot had been hired by the bank. Since then, Pepper has become an employee of banks in Canada (ATB Financial), UAE (Emirates NBD), South Africa (Nedbank), etc. Most recently – June 26 – Pepper got a job in New York at HSBC’s main branch. Their responsibilities usually include answering customer questions (in various languages), self-service tips and basic questions about services. By the way, he can still pose for a selfie with customers and offer them to take a quiz with questions on financial literacy.

NAO Robot

Another brainchild of SoftBank robotics is Now Humanoid Robot (read now. English). It is the older brother of Pepper Robot – it came back in 2006 and has been steadily improving ever since. More than 10 thousand of these children have already been sold worldwide – the growth of NAO is only 58 cm.

NAO is the elder brother of pepper. Photo:

The NAO thanks itself particularly to the Choregraphe software, which contributes to the desire to be accepted into families. Thus, the personality of the robot can be enriched with various character traits, knowledge, skills, content, and interaction abilities.

In addition to educational institutions, shops, homes and various companies, NAO operates in Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, one of the largest Japanese banks. There he helps customers with various requests in Japanese, English and Chinese – starting with informing them about opening an account, and suggestions on what to do to a customer in case of loss of a card. To end with. As a bonus, the robot dances perfectly and poses for a picture.

Xiao Long Robot

Xiao Long (Little Dragon) is a robotic employee in China Construction Bank’s first fully automated eviction business in Shanghai. Only robots work in this department. In addition, the department uses facial recognition technology, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

When a customer visits such an office for the first time, his ID is scanned, and then the robot gives him the number in the queue. On subsequent visits, the user will be identified using face recognition technology.

Only robots work in this department. Photo: Mirror .uk

Robots can communicate with visitors and respond to customer requests. Smart ATMs built into them allow users to open accounts, transfer funds, operate with foreign currency, and some asset management activities.

There are special QR codes on the screen that allow customers to pay for services and play games in augmented reality. Also, using VR, a user can view bank offers for rental accommodation.

For those who need to chat with a bank employee, there is a separate room with the possibility of video chat.


Ira robot

Indian bank HDFC has developed its own robot for its branches. In the process of creating the first version of the IRA (Interactive Robotic Assistant), AI company Asimov Robotics participated, and Invento Makerspaces and Senseforth Technologies also worked on the new version 2.0 introduced in April.

IRA robots operate in many HDFC locations around the country. Photo:

HDFC was the first Indian bank to employ robots. Smart Ira robots are now operating in many of its branches across the country.

The main objective of IRA is to increase the comfort and level of customer service. This branch can interact with visitors, answer questions related to banking services, frequently asked questions, and also helps them navigate the department using voice navigation – the robot has a built-in GPS and There is a speech recognition module that understands what customers are saying. The robot uses an ultrasonic sensor to move within the branch and uses an algorithm such as FaceID to identify the customer’s face.

Jiajiao Robot

Xiaojiao is a 90 cm Chinese humanoid robot with a rectangular face and a wide smile. The Bank of Communications of China has hired him as a receptionist. His responsibilities include greeting customers, answering inquiries, promoting banks and voice services. In addition, he can talk about the nearest tourist attraction, public transport program etc. And the robot can sing – when there are children nearby, it can sing a popular children’s song in China for them.

Sweet Jiajiao works at Bank of Communications of China. Photo:

The robot understands natural speech and can analyze the human voice. He processes and remembers customers’ voices, so he recognizes them on subsequent visits and can contact them by name. He also recognizes the gender and age of the customer and adjusts his behavior accordingly.

Xiaojiao was developed in 2015 by Nanjing University of Science, Electronic Information Technology Corporation and a consortium of Chinese technology companies.

Bank of Communications of China notes that the cute robot relieves stress during peak times for branches, entertaining customers.

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