Top 5 Universal Gadgets That Turn Into Holiday Quarantine


Gadgets help you stay healthy, create comfort in your home and rest in quarantine

Apart from laptop: TOP-5 universal gadgets that will turn quarantine into vacation

The epidemic thwarted many plans and limited the world to the size of a house. In dangerous situations of general stress, people are often rescued by modern technology: television has become a support for the older generation, and all the rest have gone into headlines in global networks.

But not only is the internet able to breathe life into everyday life – many gadgets are perfect for this. In addition, some of them will help to remain active, healthy and collected, without having to go beyond the boundaries of the four walls.


In epidemics, a humidifier is an essential technique. Ideal is considered to have air humidity at levels of 45–60% and most apartments, unfortunately, rarely encounter microclimate on their own. Typically, indoors, the air must be humidified, this will help to remove dust, pathogens and inconvenience that threatens residents.

But it is worth remembering that you need to be careful with damping the air – the device itself should receive quality care and cleaning, as it can become a source of serious bacterial and fungal infections.

Other than laptops: TOP-5 universal gadgets that convert quarantine into a holiday. Photo: Remo


Massage not only improves mood, relaxes and relieves stress, but also stimulates blood circulation and enhances immunity. Particularly useful would be a massage in a post-working day position that is completely unsuitable for sitting on the couch for long periods of time or provides plenty of rest in the lying position.

Massage gadgets are usually quiet, do not take up much space and do not require outside involvement in the process – the intensity and type of massage are regulated using a smartphone. Some devices also offer massage programs specifically for specific muscle groups.

Smart garden

Plants significantly affect labor productivity, and also decorate the workplace and lead to pleasant unions. In this case the best option is edible for the garden, then the decoration which is lovely to the eye turns into a source of fresh herbs and vitamins.

For the home garden, there are special gadgets – no dirt and fuss with earth and utensils. The device itself will grow, water and light its own light source with lettuce, cherry tomatoes or ornamental grasses. A green corner will help one yearn for spring walks.

Voice assistant

The gadget is more recognizable by the name of the smart column. The device can play audio books, read news and report exchange rates. It will also help to prepare dinner, read the recipe, pick up wine and order pizza, if the dish does not meet expectations.

Other than laptops: TOP-5 universal gadgets that convert quarantine into a holiday. Photo: Remo

Smart speakers will help establish work schedules and wake up in the morning, call a taxi and purchase products in online supermarkets. Some models of smart speakers have the function of maintaining conversation, and if necessary, they will please the owner who is locked in the house with fresh jokes.

Smart watch

Unlike a fitness bracelet, a smart watch is a separate independent gadget that has the ability to install the necessary software and has much more advanced functionality. But at the same time, smart watches are also capable of monitoring the user’s physical activity, measuring heart rate, pressure and sleep quality.

Measuring heart rate is extremely useful in an epidemic – you can use it to identify the first signs of an infectious disease. In addition, smart watches control food well and will not allow you to overdo it with calories, as prolonged self-isolation is the most expected outcome.

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