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Previously edited Payspace magazine Selected streaming services to watch video content. Today we are sharing a list of feature films and documentaries that will help you understand finance and economics better.

Insider (2010)

The Oscar-winning documentary that will give the most complete picture of the financial crisis of 2007–2010. The film reveals shocking details of the economic downturn in the US and the world, with industry experts and industry experts interviewed. The tape’s off-screen text is read by actor Matt Damon.

“Capitalism: A Love Story” (2009)

Another documentary film that talks about the events of the global financial crisis of 2007–2009 deals with the transfer of power from the Bush administration to the Obama administration and measures to stimulate the American economy. For his work, film director Michael Moore received two awards from the prestigious Venice Film Festival.

“Games for a fall” (2015)

Another Oscar winner, but this time the feature film, which received an award for Best Adapted Script. The tape is dedicated to the events of the mortgage crisis in the United States, which led to the global financial crisis. “The Big Short” focuses on financial analysts and Wall Street hedge fund employees who were able to predict the development of the crisis and play a declining stance in mortgage bonds. The film starred Hollywood stars Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell and Brad Pitt.

Wall Street (1987)

A classic of cinema from Oliver Stone. The film showcases the characteristics of stockbrokers’ work, as well as how far they are willing to go to stay on top of success. Actor Michael Douglas was awarded the Oscar for his role as Gordon Gucco’s commercial shark. In 2010, the sequel to Wall Street: Money Donate Sleep was released. The tape’s action takes place 23 years after the events in Wall Street amid the global financial crisis.

Corporation (2003)

The Canadian documentary, once nominated for 26 awards on behalf of jury members of the prestigious Documentation Film Festival. The tape speaks about corporations, their presence, structure and the impact on the lives of ordinary people. The film’s writers ask themselves: If we consider large companies to be a type of human personality, what can a psychiatrist say about such a “personality” and its behavior? In the corporation, both real corporate executives and economists, as well as community activists, journalists and historians, answer questions.

Chinese Business (2017)

The keynote speaker of the documentary The China Hustle said, “Capitalism rewards those who work hard, but it also rewards those who use others.” Specifically, the film suggests that after the financial crisis of 2007–2008, investors switched to buying shares in Chinese companies, which actually turned out to be a dummy: without actual sales or business. Damage from this fraud is estimated at over $ 200 billion.

«Enron. The smartest people in this room ”(2005)

Oscar Nominee for Best Documentary, the 2005 film talks about the downfall of energy giant Enron, which has turned into criminal cases against corporate executives. The company’s merchants have also been shown to have an impact on the California Electric Crisis of 2000–2001, with losses of about $ 40–45 billion. The film is based on the bestselling book of the same name in 2003, written by Fortune reporters Betty McLean and Peter Elkind. At one time, McLean was the first to publicly suspect Enron of fraudulent schemes.

“Betting on Bitcoin” (2016)

The documentary tells of the first enthusiasts of new technology, examining its ups and downs. Throughout the tape, its authors are trying to answer the question: Is there a balance between regulation and innovation? In banking on bitcoin, various issues related to bitcoin are discussed and the contribution of technology pioneers in the development of blockchain is described.

Dirty Money (2018)

Streaming service Netflix’s original series, which deals with cases of corporate corruption, securities fraud and tampering with financial statements. Currently, Dirty Money has two seasons in six episodes. Each episode focuses on an example of corruption in large companies, creating a story based on interviews with key participants in events. The series’ executive producer is Oscar winner Alex Gibney – Enron’s director. The smartest people in this room. “

Bonus: “The day before 1961-2003. Our era

Journalist Leonid Parfyonov’s author’s program focuses on the main socio-political events of the USSR, Russia and the world. Some episodes of the documentary series are also devoted to financial and economic events. Specifically, the program states that, due to the election of the State Duma, Mavrodi developed criminal responsibility for the fraud of the MMM financial pyramid.

Selection of last day episode on finance and economics:

Monetary Reforms in the USSR 1961–1961
1981 – Thesis “Economy must be economical”
1989 – Introduction of food stamps in the USSR
1992 – Exchange
1994 – MMM

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