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In the context of the coronavirus epidemic, many clinics, both public and private, have moved doctors online.

Telemedicine in action: top services for online consultation with a doctor. Photo: 34 Channels

The quarantine mode caused by the coronovirus epidemic showed how useful remote services can be. It turned out that without leaving the house you could refill the refrigerator supply without much effort, paying medicines and utility bills. But against a difficult epidemiological situation and the urgent need to minimize contacts, medical services are particularly important. Fortunately, they can also be obtained without leaving the apartment.

Online doctor consultation This is a normal conversation with a specialist, but without visiting the clinic. To streamline the process, video and audio communication is used, as well as correspondence among the most popular instant messengers. Despite the remote communication, doctors can make appointments after consultation and can direct necessary examinations or tests.

In an epidemic, many clinics, both public and private, have transferred doctors to the network. Family doctors also specialize in remote modes of work – most often they provide telephone counseling. Online reception actually improves the safety level of both patients and doctors, as the chances of infection without leaving home are significantly reduced.

Clinic without queue

The clinic without queue is a medical information system, implemented as part of the beginning of medical reform. She now has 8,800 doctors working with her in 18 regions of Ukraine, with people signing her for more than 10 million appointments.

Telemedicine in action: top services for online consultation with a doctor

Until recently, the system worked with electronic appointments, but with the onset of the epidemic, it began a new online consultation function. To get to the right doctor, the patient does not need to install special applications – just create your office and choose a convenient time on site. Consultations are also free.

Doctor online

Doc Online is a project of the Kievstar mobile operator which, due to the epidemic, was made free to all Ukrainians. To use the service, you have to download the application. But the reception itself is anonymous.

During an audio or video consultation, the user has the opportunity to send digital files to the doctor with the results of the analysis and examinations, as well as a photo to display the external manifestations of the disease. The recommendations of all doctors are demonstrated after separate consultation, with the additional task of registering for research or online purchase of essential medicines.

Telemed24 Platform

Telemed 24 is an online service of the MedStar Regional Medical Information System, with certified protection of personal data during communication in a “patient-physician” format. This means that the system is safe to use and your personal and medical data will not fall into the wrong hands.

Through the service’s mobile application, you can make an appointment online by selecting the time, day, doctor and indicating the reason for the call yourself. 15 minutes before the start of an online consultation, a reminder notification arrives on your smartphone. The consultation goes live in a video call format.

Telemedicine in action: top services for online consultation with a doctor

All data (consultation production, diagnosis, prescription, instructions) has been recorded, processed, transmitted to the server and stored in an electronic medical record. After downloading the application the service is absolutely free and accessible to all.

Oxford medicine

Oxford Medical has one of the largest medical networks in Ukraine, providing services for over fifteen years. The clinic employs more than 800 highly qualified specialists ready to conduct online consultations in 21 cities of the country. The network also has its own ambulance and laboratory diagnostics.

Online reception is done using popular means of communication, the choice of which is dependent on the patient. Mostly, these are Skype or instant messenger. So far, the clinic is not ready to start a free consultation, so the cost of admission starts at UAH 490, payment is made via EGype.

Liquor online

Liquor Online is a company specializing exclusively in telemedicine and remote consulting, which worked in this direction even before the epidemic. The main advantage of this service in speed of service is that after sending the request for consultation, the doctor should contact the patient within three minutes.

Liker Online’s partner is Concilium Medical Medical Center, whose specialists promise to ensure rapid diagnosis thanks to modern diagnostic techniques. Works for service fee, doctor’s consultation on call will cost 400 UAH, specialist in appointment – 600 UAH. Unfortunately, the choice of doctors on the service is still small.

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