Tragedy on set. part 1


Behind the scenes of filming, sometimes a real tragedy occurs. Actors and sensible people suffer from injuries and mental disorders, and even die when the director eagerly forgets to take care of security on the shooting

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People like to watch movies. What could be better than an epic story on the big screen, especially if you have a glass of popcorn in your hand. But behind the scenes of filming, real tragedy sometimes occurs. Actors and savvy people get injuries and mental disorders, and even die when the director was keen on shooting, forgetting to take care of security.

Shark attack

Many directors shy away from their early work. White Dog and Big Red Unit director Samuel Fuller dreamed of nothing to do with the film Shark !, released in 1969, and even asked to remove his name from the credits. However, it was not the quality of the film that confused him at all. The film cost the life of the savvy Jose Marco, with Burt Reynolds in the title role.

During the filming of the scene of Marco’s struggle with a blunt shark, another, white shark exited a network set up in open water, and also attacked Marco by ripping his belly. Other team members managed to drive away a large white shark, but the wound was fatal. What’s most disgusting, the makers changed the name of the film from a neutral “Kane” to “Shark”! And used the information about the death of Nemzhi to advertise the film.

A backup pilot dies as a result of a plane crash

The film “Flight of the Phoenix” with Jimmy Stewart was not bad at all, and was even nominated for an Oscar. However, it failed at the box office despite the star cast and best-selling book script.

Nevertheless, low fees have become the smallest of the problems falling on producers’ heads. The main thing was the death of 61-year-old Wise Paul Manz. Director Robert Aldrich wanted to re-shoot the episode where Manz planted the Phoenix between the dunes. But one of the aircraft was caught too high on the dune, the torso was severed, and the nose of the plane was buried in the ground at an acute angle, killing Manz on the spot. The second sensation in the cockpit was Bobby Rose suffering a shoulder and pelvic fracture. The camera captured the tragedy, and the video is still available online.

Deepak almost killed the actor

Working in scenes from a horror film can also tickle the nerves of experienced crew members. The director of the film “The Curse of Annabelle” claimed that at least two supernatural incidents occurred during the filming.

One of these incidents — a paw print with three claws — appeared on the dusty window of the room where the episode was shot – exactly like a demon’s claw from the film.

The second case was much worse. During filming scenes in a residential building, a demon appeared in the frame. And so, when the actor playing the cleaner entered the frame, a heavy chandelier fell on his head. But the worst thing is that according to the scenario, the cleaner should have died from the clutches of a demon at this place!

Stunt double paralyzed after an incorrect stunt

David Holmes dubbed Daniel Radcliffe in the Harry Potter films. This tragic incident occurred while working on the sixth part of the films. Holmes rehearsed a trick, where he was suddenly thrown on the wall. However, something went wrong and broke his spine.

Holmes spent six months in a hospital and in a rehabilitation center, but remained paralyzed throughout his life. Radcliffe helped a friend pay medical bills by organizing charity parties. Later, Holmes organized his own production company with two equally paralyzed friends.



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