Tragedy on set. Part 2


Actors and intelligent people are victims of injuries and mental disorders, and even die when the director forgets to take care of safety even for shooting

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People like to watch movies. What could be better than an epic story on the big screen, especially if you have a glass of popcorn in your hand. But behind the scenes of filming, sometimes a real tragedy occurs. Actors and sensitivists receive injuries and mental disorders, and even die when the directors were keen on shooting, forgetting to take care of security.

Assistant operator killed in collision with goods train

Only managed to shoot one episode for the film “Midnight Horseman”. And the film showed the death of one member of the crew, Sarah Jones, and the injuries to another 7 people.

The surviving footage of the tragic incident shows how many members of the film crew, together with actor Wyatt Russell, are trying to move Proper from the railway track, and the next moment a train passes over them. Later, the failed lead actor, William Hurt, claimed that he arrived on the set, was very concerned, and asked assistant director Hilary Schwartz how safe the chosen spot was. However, he reassures the actor that everything is under control, and these words later upset him. He was sentenced to 10 years of probation and a fine of 5,000 dollars. It was also learned that the railway company refused to allow the film makers to shoot on the tracks. Director Randall Miller was convicted of 2 years in prison and 8 years of probation for violating personal property limits and culpable homicide.

W suffered brain damage after a head-on collision.

During the filming of the film “Bachelor Party 2”, the sensible Scott McLean performed several rehearsals. He shot down, leaning from the cab of a moving truck when an oncoming car hit and hit him.

McLean was immediately sent to the hospital, where he was introduced to an artificial coma. At this stage, he spent two months, but could not fully recover. He later sued Warner Bros. Now the former stuntman suffers from frequent convulsions, as well as difficulties in movement and speech.

Many wildlife bite

In 1974, the shooting of the film “Roar” began, dedicated to the attack of wild animals on the family of travelers. Tippy Heydran and her husband Noel Marshall were not getting 40 lions for their film and so organized their “Joo”.

The couple caught a lion named Neil until the neighbors complained. They then moved to a farm in the vicinity of Los Angeles, where tigers, lions and elephants were added to the zoo. Shooting took place here. It was believed that this work would take 9 months, but it was prolonged for 5 years and during this time wild animals repeatedly injured people. The big lion scaled the main operator, who had to take 22 stitches. The elephant threw Hadron while trying to ride, and he broke his leg. His daughter, Melanie Griffith, almost lost her eye, she needed 55 stitches.

As if permanent injuries were not enough, the farm was once flooded, and three lions were killed. To end it all, the 1981 film grossed very little at the box office.

Radioactive film set caused cancer

The winning film was released in 1956 with John Wayne and Susan Hayward. Unfortunately, the film put together a small box office and is often called the worst film ever.

Much more than the film, the debate about the location of filming gained popularity. The creators preferred the location 220 kilometers from the Nevada nuclear test site, as the government claimed the tests showed safety for health.

Unfortunately, they were deeply mistaken. By the end of 1980, 91 out of 220 film crew members were ill with cancer, of which 46 died. Director Dick Powell was diagnosed with end-stage kidney cancer, and committed suicide. John Wayne discovered lung cancer, and eventually died of stomach cancer in 1979. Susan Hayward died of brain cancer in 1975. Although some claim that there is no correlation between disease and dangerous filming, experts believe that a large percentage of tumors in those who work in the film may not be coincidental.



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