Transport and Hotel: What will work in Ukraine from 22 May


Starting today, new discounts have been introduced in the country

Transition to an adaptive model: what will work in Ukraine from 22 May. Photo:

From today, Ukraine is moving towards an adaptive quarantine model. At the same time, the government is weakening nationwide restrictive measures, but they will only work in areas where the epidemic allows, Prime Minister Dennis Shimgal said in his Telegram channel.

Politicians said that the decision to soften or strengthen quarantine in the regions would be made by the regional commissions on technical and environmental safety and emergency situations.

What will be the work in Ukraine on 22 May:

  1. Sports events for 50 people without spectators
  2. Religious events – 1 person per 10 sqm.
  3. City (except metro), suburban and regional transport
  4. Hotel (without restaurant)

From 25 May:

  1. The underground
  2. Preschool Educational Institute (Kindergarten)

From June 1st:

  1. Gym, fitness center with group classes for 10 people
  2. Educational institutions – in groups of 10 people
  3. Railway transport of all types of internal communication
  4. Interstate passenger transport by road

From 10 June:

  1. Catering facility with welcoming visitors inside the house
  2. Activities of cultural institutions (the owner decides to accept visitors): museums, open-air museums, historical and cultural reserves. Theaters and theaters will not work
  3. Cultural program – not more than 5 sqm per person.
  4. Institutions Providing Housing Services

The airports will start operating from 15 June.

At the time of national quarantine, which is renewed in the new regime by 22 June, citizens will have to wear masks, maintain social distance, disinfect regularly and carry identification cards.

What is forbidden still:

  1. Leave places of self-isolation and observation without permission
  2. Group meetings of more than 10 people
  3. SEC (excluding shops located in them)
  4. More than four people living on a table in open areas in public catering establishments (excluding children under 14)
  5. Cultural institutions (except museums, etc.)
  6. Theater and Cinema
  7. Institutions that provide palliative care, social security and temporary migration centers for foreigners and stateless individuals

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Earlier, Mayor Vitali Klitschko said that after the restoration of the metro, passengers would be allowed to enter, subject to availability of protective equipment and maintaining distance. For this, the metro has already marked the signs. At the same time, citizens should not use the metro carelessly, regularly and unnecessarily, the head of the Kiev City State Administration said.

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