True Putin with a shaking hand: social networks actively discuss photos of the head of the Kremlin



On social networks, they are actively discussing a photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin, published the day before by the Kremlin press service.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Throughout the meeting, Putin stood firmly on the edge of the table with his right hand. Photo:

In the photo, the President of the Russian Federation chats with the President of the VEB State Corporation Igor Shuvalov. Users were drawn to Putin’s unusual, if not odd, posture. The head of the Kremlin was seated at the table, grasping its edge firmly with his right hand, which seemed suspicious to many.

Ukrainian political scientist Aleksey Golobutsky also drew attention to a strange detail. He suggests that Putin tried to hide his trembling hand. The video showed that Putin continued to hold his hand on the edge of the table for a long time.

“Putin yesterday in the Kremlin with Shuvalov. But how did he hang on to the table! Disguise a trembling hand? Then it’s probably the original, “Poutine – version 0”, – the political scientist wrote on his Telegram channel.

Earlier, it was reported that Lukashenko’s inaction posed a great danger to Belarus.

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