Trump called WHO “Chinese puppet” and threatened to resign



The President has accused the World Health Organization of an ineffective fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

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It is reported by the “NPF” referring to “Gromadske“.

President Donald Trump sent a letter to WHO with an ultimatum. In it, he accused the organization of ineffectively fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and said it would completely stop funding them if the situation did not change.

To improve the situation, Trump gave WHO 30 days. If after this period there is no change on the positive side, the United States threatens to leave the organization.

It is also reported that on May 18, Trump called the WHO “China’s puppet.” According to the President, the organization’s inaction has helped China misinform the world about the disease. This is what, Trump notes, has led to such a massive spread of the coronavirus.

Recall that we wrote earlier that Trump accused China of spreading the coronavirus.



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