Trump ready to avenge China for coronavirus: US president talks about plans



The head of the White House is ready to resume a trade war with the Celestial Empire because of the coronavirus pandemic. Donald Trump is sure that China is to blame for the emergence of a dangerous virus.

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Thursday, April 30, White House chief Donald Trump again explained how he was ready to take revenge on China for the appearance of a coronavirus in the world. The President has said he is ready to introduce new duties on goods from China due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trump noted that in January the United States and China signed a trade agreement … But because of the spread of the coronavirus, this document is simply abandoned:

“We signed a trade agreement … China had to buy a lot from us. But you know, this problem has now gone into the background. Now we have to think about the coronavirus. “

Asked by reporters if the United States could stop paying the debt to China, Trump said:

“Well, I can do something else. I can do the same, but for a lot of money. I can just introduce duties on Chinese products. “

This rhetoric from Trump indicates that he is very angry with Beijing because of the pandemic, because it has made a million patients in the United States alone, has claimed the lives of tens of thousands of Americans, caused the crisis economy in the country and reduces Trump’s chances of winning the US presidential election. in November of this year.

Two American politicians who commented on condition of anonymity said that the White House was discussing how to punish China:

“The question is how to hit China hard.”

Recall that we wrote earlier that Trump had started to threaten China because of the coronavirus.

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