Trump spoke out against WHO: President’s outrage led to public condemnation and economic shock



President Donald Trump has issued a public statement against the WHO. He condemns the organization’s working methods and notes a number of unsuccessful decisions in the situation of the fight against the coronavirus. He believes that the level of efficiency demonstrated is not worth the money and intends to cut funding.

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It is reported by “Interfax-Ukraine“, Reports” MFN “.

“WHO receives a lot of sponsorship from the United States, but we don’t see the corresponding effectiveness,” he said during the briefing.

The American president recalled that at the beginning, the WHO opposed his decision to close the border with China and that if he listened to these recommendations, the situation would only get worse.

“They made a lot of mistakes. It seems to me that the WHO takes a categorically pro-Chinese position and is an insufficiently objective organization, “said Trump.

“It was their duty to warn of the danger in time, but they did not do so. They should have intensified a few months earlier, “he concluded.

Recall, as previously indicated, that 80 terrorists were arrested in Donetsk: a refugee from the “DPR” revealed secret information from the “republic”.



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