Trump was aware of the coronavirus threat to the United States in January: media reports of President’s colossal error



Foreign media in the New York Times said that in January the President was aware of the imminent threat. Today’s losses from the coronavirus could have been avoided.

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It is reported by “MK“, Reports” MFN “.

The President of the National Trade Council, Peter Navarro, warned Trump in late January 2020 of the possible spread of coronavirus in the United States. In response, the President took no action and the fight against the coronavirus started late.

The date of Navarro’s call in the publication dates back to January 29. Note that at that time, Donald Trump was still downplaying the level of danger to the United States, and later argued that no one could predict such a disaster.

The Trump adviser noted that negative forecasts predict that almost half a million people may die in the country from the coronavirus. The article points out that Trump’s only measure against the virus at the time was to restrict travel to China.

Recall that, as noted above, Gerashchenko accused Zelensky of changing responsibility: the fines during quarantine are inappropriate.



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