Turkey prepares for war with Russia: Ankara started building air defense in Idlib



The Turkish army has started to deploy an air defense system in places that are not controlled by Ankara. Anti-aircraft installations were located in the area of ​​Taftanaz air base, located in Idlib. The media viewed the sign as the start of new military operations against the Russian Federation and Syria.

This information was reported by the press service., quoted by the source of the Pan-Arab newspaper Al-Rai al-Yum, reports “MFN”.

“Ankara is preparing for military operations in the north of Syria. Turkey wants to suppress Russian-Syrian air superiority. She wants to use her own aviation in the sky, ”reported the Arab media.

The reason for the impending war is military operations in Libya, where the people’s army with the support of the Russian Federation loses. At the same time, he lost to government troops, which Turkey supported.

Soldier. Photo –

“From the Tripoli region in eastern Libya, nearly a thousand and a half of PMC Wagner soldiers have been evacuated. To transfer them, transport planes had to be used, ”reported the Arab media.

So, for the moment, it is not known exactly when the clashes will start. However, the media are convinced that Turkey is getting stronger.

Recall that Avakov created a secret department: the CCP revealed what it would do.



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