Turning hospitals into personal affairs – busy Donetsk residents told ORDLO about “free” medicines



A Donetsk resident temporarily busy on social media spoke to ORDLO about “free” medicine. He told the story of his mother, who suffered a stroke in one of the hospitals in Donetsk.

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This was reported by the portal Donpressreferring to social networks, reports MFN.

A resident of occupied Donetsk is scandalized that the city’s hospitals lack adequate medical support. According to him, patients or their relatives are forced to buy everything for their money. He noted that there is not even basic medicine.

“They brought a mother with a stroke to the hospital, the doctors wrote up a list of 1,700 rubles. I asked if they had at least one of the things listed, they replied that they could only find a saline solution ”, writes the indignant citizen of Donetsk.

He said it was difficult to get mom’s medicine from local pharmacies.

“Thank you for the free medicine,” quipped a Donetsk resident.

The people of Donetsk did not ignore the position of the indignant man. And shared their stories. They write that the purchase of all the drugs themselves is a common practice in MNR hospitals.

A Donetsk resident writes:

“The department heads have turned the hospitals into a personal business. My husband was immediately refused in two departments of Makeyevka, they were diagnosed: he is dying. What about the Hippocratic Oath and the fight against corruption? Here I would love to heal for money, but the sentence has already been passed. “

Other users of social networks respond to humans that there are no drugs in ORDLO hospitals that can treat people who have had a stroke.

In addition, busy Donetsk residents write that in local hospitals there is no good attitude from doctors.

“In hospitals, coarseness rushes from all cracks. The attitude is terrible for both patients and visitors, ”write the commentators.

We had previously reported that the “DPR deputy” had said which of the residents of Ordlo could leave for Russia now.



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