TV channel “Russia 1” made unexpected statement on Donbas: Russia loses confidence in success



On the famous Russian television channel “Russia 1”, the presenter Evgeny Popov openly declared that the ambitions of the Russian Federation were weakening. The Russian media have admitted that the Russian Federation and its citizens no longer need the territory of Ordlo.

Donbass is Ukraine
Donbass is Ukraine. Photo –

It is reported Donpress, reports “MFN”.

During the discussion on the fate of unrecognized “republics” in Ukraine, the host of the talk show “60 minutes” said that the Russian Federation was ready to return Ordlo to the legitimate authorities of Ukraine.

Popov noted that it is necessary to recognize a certain “sovereignty” of Ordlo, but Russia is already preparing for a different development of events.

“To my great regret, and unfortunately for many citizens of the Russian Federation, it should be recognized that Russia is ready to abandon the Donbass. We are ready to restore these territories under the direction of the official authorities of Ukraine, “he said.

It should be noted a well known fact – workers in the field of propaganda, as a rule, do not express their personal opinions, but those of their leaders and their citizens. Such recognition may indicate a decadent mood in the Russian Federation or it is another distraction from the Kremlin.

Recall, as noted above, that Crimea does not stand up to pressure from the Russian Federation: the head of the peninsula made his demands known to the Kremlin.



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