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Users can now record 140 seconds of messages

Twitter has started voice publication. Photo:

The social network Twitter has added support for voice messages. From June 17, the company began testing a feature that allows users to tweet as audio recordings. The duration of such a message can reach 140 seconds. sky News.

Until now, the function has only been available to a limited number of users using the version of Twitter for iOS. The company promises that all iPhone owners will be able to record audio messages in the coming weeks. It is still unknown when the function will become available for Android. It is also unclear how the company plans to moderate such content.

To record the message, you must click on the icon containing the image of the sound waves. A voice tweet cannot last more than 140 seconds. If the user continues to talk, Twitter will automatically break the recording into several parts and create a publishing branch among them.

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Earlier, we wrote that security expert Ibrahim Balik found a vulnerability in the Twitter application for the Android operating system. This helped them map 17 million phone numbers to user accounts.

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