Two more banks connected to NBU BankID system


National Bank’s system of remote identification provides access to administrative, financial and other services

Two more banks joined the NBU BankID system. Photo:

AccordBank and Asvio Bank customers will now be able to gain remote access to administrative, financial and commercial services through NBU’s BankID remote identification system.

As currently noted by the NBU Press Service, the system has 40 participants, including:

17 Banks (PrivatBank, Oschadbank, Alfa Bank, FUIB, Monobank (Universal Bank), OTP Bank, A-Bank, Alliance Bank, Forward Bank, Pivdenny Bank, Kredobank, Radabank, Motor Bank, Vostok Bank, Idea Bank, Accordbank and Acevio Bank)

23 non-banking institutions, in particular, the Univer Investment Group and the ICU Financial Group, as well as the government services portal Dia.

Recall that earlier state PrivatBank was associated with NBU’s BankID system.

As noted in a comment on Facebook by the NBU press service, the regulator is currently processing several applications from Ukrainian banks. We have written in reference material about how BankID works.

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