Two planes with Ukrainian migrant workers arrive in Poland tomorrow



Two planes with Ukrainian migrant workers arrive in Poland tomorrow

Two planes with Ukrainian migrant workers arrive in Poland tomorrow

06.06.2020 22:04


On Saturday June 6, two planes from the Ukrainian airline UIA will land at Warsaw Chopin Airport, which will bring 184 migrant workers from Ukraine to Poland.

It was in a comment to Ukrinform by the managing director of the Polish employment company Gremi Personal Tomasz Bogdevich.

“It is necessary to fly 184 people, 92 people – for each plane”, – said Bogdevich.

He noted that on May 27, lists of Ukrainian citizens in a single plane had already been drawn up, but on May 29, the Council of Ministers of Poland decided by decree that only half of the seats could be occupied by planes landing at Polish airports. In this context, Bogdevich noted that his company should either refuse to transport all employees registered for one flight, or organize two. Therefore, it was decided to send two planes from Ukraine, each of which will be 50% full.

CEO of Gremi Personal pointed out that upon arrival in Warsaw, Ukrainian migrant workers will be transported for a 14-day observation to a leisure center near the town of Lovic in Lodz Voivodeship in the center of the Republic of Poland .

Bogdevich noted that the local health and epidemiological station can selectively perform tests to identify coronaviruses among Ukrainians.

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A representative of Gremi Personal noted that after the observation, the Ukrainians will work in Poland in the consumer sector, the processing industry, logistics, etc. The company signed a three-month employment contract with all employees.

Earlier on May 24, Gremi Personal transported 178 migrant workers from Ukraine from Ukraine to Poland on a UIA charter flight. According to Bogdevich, no coronavirus was found in any of these groups of Ukrainians.

As indicated, since March 15, crossing the Ukrainian-Polish border has been difficult due to the closure of the borders linked to the coronavirus.

On May 16, work on the Shegini-Medica Foot Control Station resumed. In addition, on the Ukrainian-Polish border, there are three other car checkpoints: Jagodin-Dorogusk, Krakovets-Korcheva and Rava-Russkaya-Grebennoye.

According to the Main Bureau of Statistics in Poland, more than 1.2 million Ukrainians may now be in the country.

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