Tymoshenko explained why Zelensky met “Mriya”



Tymoshenko explained why Zelensky had met

Tymoshenko explained why Zelensky met “Mriya”

05.05.2020 00:42


The medical freight brought by the Mriya plane in April was paid for by Epicenter, President Vladimir Zelensky met it, because the plane is the pride of Ukraine, and part of the freight was transferred to hospitals.

This was stated by deputy head of President Kirill Tymoshenko’s office on the Freedom of Expression program on the ICTV channel, a correspondent from Ukrinform reports.

“We learned that one of the private companies, Epicenter, orders the Mriya plane from Antonov State Enterprise and wants to bring commercial freight for itself, but with the fact that they carry commercial freight, these are masks, protective glasses and coveralls, “he noted.

The deputy head of the OP said that part, more than a third of this cargo – 2 million medical masks, 70,000 disposable coveralls for doctors, 30,000 glasses, “Epicenter” was transferred to hospitals in across the country.

“Under these conditions, the president decided that we should meet this plane, because, first, it is our pride – the Mriya plane, and second, part of this cargo is transferred to our doctors,” said Tymoshenko.

At the same time, he recalled that the president, in a conversation with journalists at the airport, had declared that part of the cargo was humanitarian and that part was destined for pharmacies and shops, he there was no secret to that.

“Indeed, it may have been necessary to say right away that it was Epicenter or another company, perhaps we made a mistake in this area, but I stress once more: Epicenter paid Antonov to the state budget, brought the cargo was transferred to hospitals at my expense and part of that cargo. I don’t see anything wrong with that, because our hospitals have received remedies ” summed up Tymoshenko.

At the same time, he noted that the work of the “epicenter” during the quarantine had taken place in accordance with the government decree, but, according to him, the company had violated in many cases the conditions and sold not only the goods included in the Cabinet decree, for which “practically” “Administrative protocols for violations have been drawn up and are being drawn up every day and they are paying fines.”

To the question of clarification from the moderator, does he think it is possible to violate and pay fines, but if the profit is greater than the amount of the fine, then that’s fine, said Tymoshenko: there are really a very large number of these violations, I think the Ministry of the Interior will deal with this. sort in another way, not just fines. “

Earlier media reported that MP Aleksandr Gerega had written letters to Kiev mayor Vitali Klitschko and BP MPs to offer to buy anti-epidemic medical supplies from his company Epicenter K. In his letters, he said that these goods had been delivered to Ukraine by Mriya plane.

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On April 23, the transport aircraft AN-225 Mriya arrived in Ukraine with medical cargo. The plane was met in Kiev by President Vladimir Zelensky, Minister of Infrastructure Vladislav Krikliy, medical consultant Viktor Lyashko and other officials.

In total, Mriya brought 103 tonnes of medical freight.

President Vladimir Zelensky then declared that “our Mriya has brought to Ukraine 12 million masks for hospitals and pharmacy chains, brought about 260,000 glasses for doctors and more than 100,000 protective suits of the 5th level of protection”.

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