Uber buys Postmates US food delivery service: how much the company paid


Postmarts purchase will increase Uber’s share in the US food delivery market to 37%

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Uber acquired Postmates food delivery service. The deal was worth $ 2.65 billion. It is planned to be fully completed by early 2021. Earlier, Uber broke a deal to buy another Grubah food delivery service.

The Postmasters application will continue to work separately, so the familiar interface will be available to users. But postmates Uber Eats will be able to connect to the vendor and distribution network. This means a larger selection of restaurants for consumers and more efficient delivery for drivers, who accept multiple orders at once.

Uber and Postmates acquisition negotiations were held periodically for four years. Negotiations between the companies resumed in late June. Earlier, it was reported that Uber planned to purchase the GrubHub service, but the companies could not agree on an agreement.

According to research company Edison Trends, the leader of the US food distribution market is DoorDash, which accounted for 45% of transactions in June this year. In the same period, Uber Eats achieved 29% of transactions, but postmats purchases would improve this result by 37%.

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In May, it became known that Uber Eats would stop operating in eight countries: the Czech Republic, Egypt, Honduras, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Uruguay and the United Arab Emirates. The company made this decision due to the lack of a clear business plan for local leaders in its local divisions.

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