Uber Eats leaves 8 countries: Ukraine is on the list


When the food delivery service in Ukraine will stop working and what will happen with the application to call a taxi

Uber Eats leaves 8 countries: Ukraine is on list 7 Photo: Uber

From 3 June, the Uber Eats delivery service will stop operating in eight countries: the Czech Republic, Egypt, Honduras, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Uruguay and the UAE. According to Reuters, the company made such a decision regarding the lack of a clear business plan for local leaders to become leaders.

It is noted that after the closure of Uber Eats in the UAE, the company plans to focus on the Careem application. According to Uber’s data, Eats service in eight markets received 4% of the company’s total revenue in the first quarter of 2020.

A message sent to customers of the Uber Eats application clarifies that the company’s core business related to the search, calling and payment of taxis and private drivers will continue to operate without change.


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Previously, we wrote that Uber made Shuttle Heroes available – a free service based on Uber shuttle technologies – to all holders of “special tickets for travel in public transport” to employees of key infrastructure enterprises in Kiev Have been assigned.

Along with the medical workers for whom they had previously started service, Shuttle Heroes in Kiev will now be able to use them for free: social workers, business workers, employees of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, employees of Kievvodokanal and Kievtaploago, District State Administration of Kiev Representative and Media Representative of.

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