Uber launches a free travel service for doctors


The company named free travel routes for medical workers

For doctors – for free: Uber launches a new service. Photo:

Uber launched the Shuttle Heroes service on 31 March, a free shuttle for medical professionals in Kiev during quarantine. According to a press release, routes were set according to the proposal of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine based on the medical system HELSI.ME.

The Shuttle Heroes service will be available to users with promotional codes that will be distributed through the HELSI.ME platform, which unites over 90% of doctors in Ukraine through SMS and the administration of hospitals. It is reported that, during the quarantine period, the Shuttle Hero Uber will replace the shuttle service and will not be available for regular passengers.

All routes will be available from Monday to Friday, 7:00 to 21:00.

It is reported that in the first phase The routes will have more than 100 medical facilities Kyiv (including detailed information about routes) Read here):

  1. Kiev Alexander Clinical Hospital – Routes P2, P4, P3, P6, L4, P1
  2. Kiev City Clinical Hospital – 9 – Routes L3, L5, P3
  3. Kiev City Clinical Hospital No. 4 – Routes P2, L5
  4. National Children’s Specialized Hospital Okhmet – Routes P4, L5, L3, P6, P3, P1
  5. National Institute of Phytology and Pulmonology f. Yanovski – Routes L5, P2, P6
  6. Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery – L5, P2, P6
  7. Main Military Clinical Hospital – Routes P2, P4, L4,
  8. Kiev City Clinical Emergency Hospital – Route L2
  9. KNP “Kiev City Children’s Clinical Infectious Disease Hospital” – Marg P3
  10. Kiev Regional Clinical Hospital – Routes L5, L3, P6, P1
  11. Kiev City Children’s Clinical Hospital No.1 – Route P3

Users will be able to reserve space in the shuttle through the Uber and Uber Shuttle applications. According to quarantine requirements, the maximum permitted number of passengers in each shuttle was reduced: now at least half of the seats will remain empty. In addition, all vehicles will be treated internally with antiseptic agents every three hours, as well as professionally disinfected inside and out every day.

Uber is also working with drivers to provide buses with antiseptic agents that passengers can use before boarding or alighting. Travelers are advised to wear a medical mask during the journey.

How to book a trip via Uber app and Uber Shuttle:

  1. Open the Uber or Uber Shuttle app (for Android)
  2. See routes available from your location
  3. Enter your desired destination
  4. Choose landing time and confirm order
  5. Follow the guided stop in the app
  6. Show your shuttle ticket to the driver during boarding (it is automatically generated in the application)

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Earlier, we wrote that the Ministry of Communications is launching a new service for the quarantine period. Therefore, the department is planning to launch an online platform of free services of socially responsible business for the period of quarantine.

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