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Uber Shuttle will be able to carry a limited number of passengers

Uber Shuttle Resume operates in Kiev. Photo:

A year after its launch in Kiev and only two months of exclusive Free Shuttle Heroes service work, Uber Shuttle will again be available to all users in Kiev, to staff employees of important city infrastructure enterprises. The service will start from June 1 with new safety standards.

All 22 Uber shuttle routes will be available to passengers on Monday. With “minor exceptions”, the route and prices will be the same at the beginning of the year, the company noted. Medical workers, after applying for a special Uber Medics Code, Will still be able to use the service for free.

The company said the Uber shuttle would continue to operate according to a strict safety and hygiene protocol.

The internal surfaces of all shifts will be treated with antiseptic agents after each shift. Shitles will also be cleaned daily inside and outside. Both drivers and passengers will be reminded of sanitary precautions, such as washing their hands and wearing a face mask or bandage. Drivers and passengers have to answer specific control questions in the app.Before booking a trip or getting on line, confirm that they have taken these measures.

To maintain social distance Number of passengers will be limited So that each occupied place had an independent one.

The service also shared the results of its work for the first year since it began in Kiev.

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Earlier we wrote that Uber Taxi and Food Delivery Service is introducing new security measures in Ukraine regarding the exemption of quarantine restrictions. Now, all users, drivers and couriers of Uber in Ukraine will be provided with special safety information and the task of checking compliance with security measures before travel.

Among the innovations is free cancellation of travel due to security reasons. Users and drivers can cancel the trip without penalty if the other side does not wear a mask or other protective equipment. The company will provide financial assistance to drivers and couriers with a diagnosis of COVID-19 – or who will require self-isolation for a period of 14 days. It is clarified that such employees will not be able to enter the Uber application during this period.

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